M&A and company law

M&A and company law

RLGS has specific expertise in corporate law and M&A, in which it has established itself as an important point of reference in customer service in all economic sectors.

The Firm provides assistance in both national and international operations concerning the acquisition of majority or minority shareholdings, or the sale and purchase of companies or business units, following the clients in all phases of the transaction, from the structuring of the transaction, to the performance of due diligence investigation up, to the definition of the preliminary and final contractual documents and to the closing of the transaction.

In extraordinary corporate transactions, it gives advice in the choice of the corporate form most suited to the needs of customers, following them in the establishment of the entity, in the drafting of its by-laws, in the definition of all aspects of corporate governance, in the drafting of shareholders’ agreements and in the preparation of incentive plans and agreements with managers.

The Firm, moreover, advises clients in mergers, demergers and spin-offs, including international mergers. With reference to these matters, RLSG assists listed and unlisted Italian companies, investment funds and other investors, international companies and groups, entrepreneurs and individuals in their capacity as majority or minority shareholders, also in collaboration with reputed national and international financial advisors.
RLSG has also consolidated its experience in the private equity sector, in assisting in investment or divestment transactions carried out by funds or with funds, in the drafting of joint venture agreements with Italian and foreign partners as well as in international joint ventures.

It is active in the capital markets sector, providing assistance to issuing companies or shareholders, dealing, inter alia, with the drafting of the documentation required by the competent authorities.

RLSG’s lawyers have a consolidated experience in the field of succession planning, in family asset operations and in the management of relationships between family members or between partners of companies with family shareholding, offering specific advice on the establishment of trusts, domestic and abroad, and its management.