About us

The Firm, which today takes the name of RLSG, was founded in 1996. Over the years other partners and collaborators became part of the Firm’s structure and the offices in Bologna and Milan were opened.

RLSG’s professionals are able to guarantee assistance both in the judicial phase and in the extra-judicial phase, in Italy and abroad, also availing themselves of the collaboration of primary foreign firms.

Customers are guaranteed maximum confidentiality, independence and speed, as well as constant updating, which together ensure to the service rendered high quality standards and solutions tailored to the needs of each customer.

RLSG‘s lawyers provide assistance and advice to industrial groups and entrepreneurs, M&A professionals and consultants, private equity funds, banks and financial institutions, and natural persons.

RLSG is a partner of A&A Studio Legale (www.albeeassociati.it). It is also a member of ICLA (International Commercial Law Alliance, www.icl-alliance.com) and ASLA (Associazione degli Studi Legali Associati, www.aslaitalia.it).


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